to start
Oyster + Celery, Apple Mignonette4ea
Chicken Wings + Hot Sauce4ea
Spring Bay Mussel + Leek, Seaweed4ea
Clarence Water Prawn + Bisque, Confit Potato14
Alfonsino Crudo + Buttermilk, Dill Oil15
Flounder + Spinach, Lemon Puree, Champagne Cream23
Tomato and Vegemite Passaladiere + Marjoram16
Golden Beetroot + Smoked Egg, Tarragon Vinaigrette16
Broccoli + Macadamia, Garlic Crumb16
Braised Eggplant + Almond Gazpacho, Espelette Pepper18
an alternative
5 Course Chef's Menu95pp
Wagyu Bresaola + Fig10
Lamb Tartare + Horseradish, Nettle18
Montbèliard Sausage + Cabbage Mustard24
Kangaroo + Raspberry Ketchup, Braised Radish, Pink Pepper28
Kurobuta Pork neck + Confit Celeriac, Lardo33
Rangers Valley Flank + Onion, Grilled Mushroom38
Poutine + Cheese Curd, Chives, Chips10
Cosberg Salad + French Dressing10
Roasted Barley + Mushroom Consommé10
to finish
Daily Tarts + Reduced Milk Ice Cream15
Opera Cake + Chantilly Cream15
Rhubarb + Rice, Elderflower15
Selection of Cheese + Jam24
For all groups of 7 and above, it is required to partake in our $95pp chef's selection menu. Sample shown below.
Chicken Wings + Hot Sauce
Spring Bay Mussels + Leek, Seaweed
Alfonsino Crudo + Buttermilk, Dill Oil
Braised Eggplant + Almond Gazpacho, Espelette Pepper
Flounder + Spinach, Lemon Purèe, Champagne Cream
Kangaroo + Raspberry Ketchup, Braised Radish, Pink Pepper
Rhubarb + Rice, Elderflower