It has been said that wine takes you on a journey. In fact, more poignantly, a good friend of mine has said that “wine is meant to transport you”. This much is true. It should and, largely, it does. But this kind of thinking is only meaningful when tempered by an approach to wine that refuses to take it itself too seriously. Ôter means to “take away” or remove the unnecessary. All too often, wine is poorly understood but such a lack of understanding should not foster any sense of intimidation, or worse yet, paralysis. Wine is meant to be enjoyed. We hope that our list helps to achieve just this.

The wines that we have selected are those that we enjoy to drink and we hope, above all else, that you will too. As a French restaurant in Melbourne, preference has been given to both those French and local producers we admire most. Where possible, wines are listed from freshest to richest or lightest to heaviest, with both region and variety forming a categorical subset. It is by no means exhaustive, instead offering a considered selection, concise in it’s regional coverage. That being said, it’s not exactly easy to navigate, which is why we are all on hand to assist you in selecting wines that complement your food and ultimately, enhance your experience.

Defining an approach to wine that remains both individual and inclusive can be difficult. A good friend of ours and, even better, local winemaker, Luke Lambert, summed things up nicely with the remark that, “Wine is for losers, come to the pub”.

Despite his posturing, Luke takes his wine very seriously. Wine isn’t just for losers, it’s for everyone. This playful response however illustrates the outlook of Ôter’s wine list perfectly. Wine doesn’t take itself too seriously, so why should we?

+ Wine list coming soon